domingo, 13 de fevereiro de 2011

Come to Me

Just think about you all the time
My heart races when I see you
Cause I need you
Come here, come love me

You want me
And I want you yes
Come get that my loneliness
Come to my heart
I'm not afraid of getting hurt

Chorus (2x)
My life is you, you are my light
Looks like I'm
It was love that made me so
Come to me, I want you so, come to me
Loving couple gives
Come, come love me
-------------------------------------------------- ----------------
Dawning, just think of you
I learned to love dreaming
I love you body and soul
Come I'm hope.

Essa é a versão em inglês da minha musica Vem que foi postada hoje também.

This is version in english of my sound Come to me that to post today too.

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